Welcome to our homepage Heinrich Militaria

Welcome to our homepage Heinrich Militaria, the page for collectors of imperial and third reich militaria and military antiques. New articles for sale will come every day, for sure you will find something. So please visit us from time to time. 

If you are looking for something special, feel free to mail us your wishes and we make you a direct offer.

Hope to meet you often on our new market place for all original German military items and beer steins.


IMPORTANT: If you wish to have a look at or pick up an article, please call or mail before as the offered articles are NOT stored under the adress in Koenigsbrunn but in an external stock and I have to pick it up there before.

iron cross Orders, medals and badges, the iron cross
Sabers, daggers, hunting knifes
Allach Allach porcelain
Cadinen Cadinen ceramics
amber Amber works from East Prussia
beer steins German beer steins